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Press Release: Advanced Infrastructure Technologies Launches Third Division – AIT Manufacturing

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

The introduction of vertical integration for the FRP composite provider leads to creation of new division


Advanced Infrastructure Technologies (AIT), a leading provider of innovative fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite solutions, today announced, the addition of a new operating division: AIT Manufacturing. This new division adds to AIT’s two existing divisions: AIT Bridges, a composite bridge supplier that utilizes technology developed at the University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center (ASCC), and AIT Buildings & Structures, a marketing division for all non-bridge related composite solutions. AIT Manufacturing specializes in the fabrication of FRP composite reinforcing solutions for the infrastructure industry.

AIT Manufacturing is located in North Randall, Ohio, and is overseen by Charles Robertson (US Army, Engineers, Retired). AIT Manufacturing currently manufactures five products: GBar®, GBolt®, GMat®, GCage®, and GWall®. GBar® is the first, fully threaded, glass FRP (GFRP/BFRP) bar available to the market, and GBolt® is a nut and coupler system designed for GBar®. GMat® and GCage® are pre-assembled cages and mats using GBar®, and GWall® is an earth retaining wall system that is primarily designed as a seawall. AIT Manufacturing products are now available for order, with expected delivery in Q2 2021. AIT Manufacturing is also a distributor of MiniBars™ and BasBar™ from ReforceTech™. MiniBars™ are high-performance concrete structural macro-fibers, and BasBar™ is a basalt FRP composite rebar designed to reinforce concrete structures.

“AIT Manufacturing sets out to be the leading manufacturer of FRP composite reinforcing solutions for the infrastructure industry. This would not be possible without the FRP expertise that AIT and the ASCC brings,” said Charles Robertson, Group President, AIT Manufacturing. “Ohio has established itself as a composites industry hub, and we are looking forward to joining the list of successful businesses in the state. We are currently in production building inventory for Q2 deliveries; please reach out if we can supply composite solutions for your next project.”

For over a decade, AIT has been developing FRP composites for the infrastructure industry. AIT was founded after licensing the "Bridge in a Backpack” technology from UMaine’s ASCC. AIT has worked hand in hand with the ASCC to further develop and test the GArch and GBeam composite bridge systems, and other composite solutions. This partnership has propelled AIT to be a champion of composites knowledge. Learning about all the benefits of composites, AIT set out to deliver more than just composite bridges. AIT then created its first operating division, AIT Bridges, with the idea of introducing more specialized composites divisions in the future. Now with three divisions, AIT can help supply FRP composite solutions from rebar to bridges, while continuing to develop composite innovations with the ASCC.

As a member of the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, AIT is committed to creating a more sustainable infrastructure industry by way of structural FRP composites. Introducing a composite manufacturing division with five products initially, creates more composite solutions for more sustainable infrastructure projects. To showcase this commitment, AIT has rebranded itself with a new corporate website and is increasing efforts to promote the benefits of FRP composites in infrastructure. AIT’s corporate website showcases the business, its operating divisions, and more information on sustainability.

“We are excited to announce the addition of AIT Manufacturing to AIT’s operating divisions. AIT has been creating composite solutions in infrastructure for over a decade, and now we are able to provide a more comprehensive range of offerings for the industry,” said Brit Svoboda, Chairman, and CEO of AIT. “It is imperative that we start using more composites in infrastructure to increase lifespan and decrease costs. We need more sustainable materials that leave a smaller carbon footprint, and composites do just that. We look forward to continuing to lead in driving more sustainable products and solutions to the market.”

“We congratulate AIT on its continued success and will continue to support its growth through new product development, composite materials design, manufacturing and testing,” said Dr. Habib J. Dagher, Executive Director, UMaine ASCC.

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Advanced Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. (AIT) is a parent company that specializes in fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites for the infrastructure industry. AIT leverages its knowledge of FRP composites across its operating divisions to create superior infrastructure. AIT also assists its operating divisions in marketing, sales, and communications.

AIT Bridges, a division of Advanced Infrastructure Technologies, is the leading provider of innovative composite bridge solutions, providing a unique tailored customer experience. It provides cost-effective and high-quality composite bridge solutions to meet today’s complex design, durability, and environmental challenges. AIT Bridges’ systems utilize components from the 'Bridge-in-a-Backpack' technology, developed over an 11+ year period by the Advanced Structures and Composites Center at the University of Maine. The goal was to develop a rapidly deployable bridge technology for the military.

AIT Buildings & Structures, a division of Advanced Infrastructure Technologies, is focused on marketing all non-bridge composite products including GBar®, our FRP based rebar, GBend™, our bent GBar® family of products, GBolt®, FRP nuts and bolts, and GWall® our composite seawall product, and our FRP utility pole offering.

AIT Manufacturing, a division of Advanced Infrastructure Technologies, specializes in the manufacturing of composite infrastructure building components like rebar, bolts, nuts, couplers, seawall, and utility poles.


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