Advanced Infrastructure Technologies, Inc. (AIT) is the leading provider of composite infrastructure solutions. AIT oversees two divisions specializing in different infrastructure needs: AIT Bridges and AIT Manufacturing. AIT Bridges, located in Brewer, Maine, designs and manufactures composite bridge superstructures designed with AASHTO LRFD bridge design specifications. AIT Manufacturing manufactures composite products for the infrastructure and construction industry including, GBar®, GBolt®, and GWall®. 

Executive Team


Brit Svoboda

Founder and CEO of Advanced Infrastructures Technologies 


Ken Sweeney

Group President and Chief Engineer of AIT Bridges

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Sandy Garrett

CFO of Advanced Infrastructures Technologies 

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Charles Robertson

Group President of AIT Manufacturing

Board of Directors


Brit Svoboda

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Sandy Garrett

Mark Rasmus

Hon. Greg Nadeau

Habib Dagher

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Hon. Ann Schneider

Board of Advisors

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Mark Kempton – Southern California President, Kempton Strategies

Fmr. Project Director, Skanska Infrastructure Development Fmr. Director, Strategic Performance, Skanska 

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Hon. Victor Mendez – Florida & Texas

Fmr. Deputy Secretary of Transportation, USDOT Fmr. Administrator, Federal Highway Administration Fmr. Director, Arizona Department of Transportation 

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Hon. Will Kempton – California Fmr. Executive Director,

California Transportation Commission Fmr. Executive Director, Transportation California Fmr. Director, California Department of Transportation Fmr. CEO, Orange County Transportation Authority 

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David Matsuda – Washington, D.C. Principal, Matsuda and Associates LLC.

Fmr. Staff Attorney, Federal Railroad Administration

Fmr. Maritime Administrator for the U.S. Department of Transportation

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John Horsley – Pacific Northwest + Washington, D.C. Principal, John Horsley and Associates

Fmr. Executive Director, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) 

Fmr. Advocate for intermodal policies and quality of life initiatives, USDOT 

Strategic Partners

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In partnering with UMaine’s world renowned ASCC the company gains from joint product research and development as well as gained optimizations from ASCC’s other research work in related fields. See additional ASCC information at https://composites.umaine.edu


ACMA is the largest composites trade organization in the world with an enrollment of over 3,000 companies representing over 300,000 employees. AIT benefits by its relationship and involvement in education, access to market intelligence, governmental affairs in dealing with federal and state agency regulations, and support in market growth through increasing awareness and utilization of composite messaging and actions. www.acmanet.org

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With a structured agreement between IV and AIT, the company benefits from the addition of an outstanding group of senior government executives advising and supporting marketing efforts with AIT through Market Development and Strategic Communications. For company overview www.infrastructureventures.com 

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The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) is the organization that developed and manages Envision, a framework that encourages systemic changes in the planning, design, and delivery of sustainable and resilient infrastructure through education, training, and third-party project verification. For more information on sustainable infrastructure, visit https://sustainableinfrastructure.org/