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Social Responsibility

Team Work




Company Culture

We focus on employee growth, learning, and high ethical standards. In order to achieve our goals, constant employee growth and learning needs to take place. Fostering a flat organizational culture, AIT facilitates comfortable conversations between all employees and creates a pleasant work environment.



We value and put our employees first because they are the people that make our company great. When it comes to benefits, we make sure that what we offer is just as extraordinary as our employees. Offerings include health insurance, paid time off, professional development, and a coffee & snack bar. 

An unhealthy work-life balance is the leading cause for burnout. At AIT your personal life is just as important as your work life. We encourage employees to achieve a healthy work-life balance.


Physical health impacts quality of work whether you're working on the production floor or in the office. We provide employees with information and resources that help promote a healthy work environment, reducing the chance of a work related injury.


AIT Composites takes safety seriously. We provide the proper training for our employees to ensure that they are doing their jobs in the safest way possible. Every Friday, the team gets together to review videos that address different safety concerns and how to avoid those concerns all together.   

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