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AIT Manufacturing is the manufacturing arm of Advanced Infrastructure Technologies, Inc.(AIT), the leading provider of Fiber-reinforced

polymer (FRP) materials to the infrastructure and construction industries. AIT Manufacturing currently manufactures all non-bridge products. It is developing, through its equipment manufacturing arm, the capability to significantly automate and lower the cost bridge production and GBar™, our FRP based rebar, pultrusion.

Highlighted Products

GBar is a composite GFRP rebar manufactured to be a sustainable and resilient replacement for steel rebar. GBar comes in all standard sizes and can be bent during the manufacturing process using GBend™ technology


GBolt is a FRP composite nut and coupler system used in conjunction with GBar. GBolt comes in all sizes up to 2.5".


GWall is a FRP Composite earth retaining wall system that is primarily used as a seawall to increase life against corrosion compared to steel.