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AIT Bridges, is a division of Advanced Infrastructure Technologies that specializes in engineering and manufacturing composite FRP bridges. AIT Bridges uses technology developed at the University of Maine's Advanced Structures and Composites Center (UMaine's ASCC) in the GArch Bridge System and GBeam Bridge System. There are currently 30 bridges across the United States that utilize the GArch or GBeam Bridge System.

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The GArch is a hollow composite FRP that is reinforced with concrete. GArch is used in 30 bridges across the country. Click here to learn more about GArch.

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The GBeam is a composite FRP tub girder uses carbon fiber and fiber glass in the bottom and top flanges. The first bridge using GBeam was built in 2020 in Hampden, Maine. Click here to learn more about GBeam.


GDeck is a composite FRP decking designed for the GArch and other applications. It is designed to handle loads with no additional concrete. Click here to learn more about GDeck.

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Loutsis Creek Bridge

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Grist Mill Bridge

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Skyplex Bridge

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